You are giving a presentation. Are you... 


Worried about boring people or forgetting what to say?  
Fearful that it will go wrong somehow and you will freeze? 
Not sure how to engage your audience?
Experiencing shaky hands, dry mouth and nervous sweats?

I loved the presentation training. I am really glad that I chose to attend. I feel that every one of us became better people. It was a powerful experience for me personally. I would recommend it to anyone even if they think they are ‘the grand wizard of presentation’
— Attendee, Unity Technologies

The Authentic Presenters course offers you a host of non tech tools to build confidence in your style, your ability to engage an audience as yourself and manage your adrenaline levels so you stay in control and feel able to do your best.

In real life, we spend most of our time preparing the actual content of what we need to present and very little time preparing ourselves the presenter ……’s time to change that pattern so that you can start to actually have some fun. Or at least enjoy the ride! Your audience pays attention to YOU first and foremost, and what you SAY comes a distant second.

It's time to focus on YOU.


Ok, so it might sound like enjoying yourself whilst presenting is a big ask for some of you, but it really is possible. This one day course works with you and your automatic responses to stress and adrenaline caused by public speaking, interviews, presentation giving or just a high risk meeting. We do this by changing patterns in how we experience and process these kind of stressful experiences. You will leave with some great alternative responses that you simply need to go away and try out.

I used all your advice for my 1.5 hour presentation and ‘crushed it’ - I also had to do a talk to 200 people last week - normally I’d be terrified but with all the techniques you gave us, I was so much more calm - so thank you so so so so so much!
— Helen Vergel de Dios: HR Director

When a presenter is truly authentic, an audience will give you their trust and respect.

They will be changed by what they hear.

Just like in the rest of your life. Finding your authentic self, not styled on someone else or a distorted perception of what you ‘should’ be like, is paramount to becoming a better presenter. The good news is that The Authentic Presenter course can help you get there. Its a great tool kit full of practical take aways to experiment with and make your own. Authentically.


Tool Kit Content:

The course uses tools from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) theatre, Yoga, meditation and psychometrics all of which Suzy Bolt is qualified and experienced in (find out more about Suzy here).

The day is wonderfully challenging - we try things out, share stories and experiences, laugh, make mistakes, cry (sometimes - but it's optional!) learn from each other and fully participate in one of the most enriching professional development courses around.  No technology, no powerpoint no nothing.  Just you.